Water crisis hits parts of Livingstone

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Water crisis hits parts of Livingstone


Livingstone, Feb 5/15, ZANIS———Some parts of the tourist capital, Livingstone, have been hit by water shortage.


The situation has caused panic and raised a lot of complaints from the residents in affected areas, especially those along Airport Road and Ellain Brittel Compounds.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, some residents residing in Ellain Brittel Compound said the ongoing water crisis in Livingstone has a negative impact on them.


The residents complained that they cannot easily access water from their taps in the recent days, adding that the situation is not pleasing because people need water in their everyday life especially in a home set up as they use it for toilets, bathrooms, drinking and kitchen purposes.


They complained that the crisis is not helping them in anyway especially that they are made to settle their water bills on time and, therefore, expect good services in turn from the service providers.


The residents suggested that the water utility company, Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) should not engage in disconnecting the water when there is a delay in settling the water bills because it would be very unfair.


Meanwhile, Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) manager in Livingstone, Wallace Shawa, has urged the public to be patient as the company is working on the water services as they are dealing with a new system that was just installed.


Mr Shawa said the company has a new 600mm diameter pipe line that has a ruptured rubber seal which has called for decommission of the line causing break downs on the water system.


He also stated that the line has not yet been handed over to Southern Water but the contractor is working on the problem.


Mr Shawa, however, assured the public that they will be supplied with water on a 24hr-basis in two days’ time and has asked the public to bear with company as works continue.