Zambian Voice appeals to Lungu to investigate privatization process

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Zambian Voice appeals to Lungu to investigate privatization process


Lusaka, Feb 5/15, ZANIS——The Zambian Voice has  asked  President Edgar Lungu to institute investigations in the privatisation of public companies by Zambia Privatisation Agency  and the recovery of national assets which were  allegedly corruptly obtained by some selfish people.


Zambian Voice Executive Director, Chiluifya Tayali, states in a letter written to President Lungu that privatisation, which was done in national interest to revamp the economy, brought a lot of suffering among Zambians who up to now are living in misery.


He stated that the suffering of the people is not as a result of privatisation but as a result of selfishness of some people who were given the responsibility to manage the process.


“Mr President in a quest to fight corruption, your predecessor, late President Levy Mwanawasa, set up a task force to deal with people that had deprived the Zambian people of their assets. Unfortunately to date, nothing much has come out of the process,” read the letter in part.


Mr Tayali stated that his prayer is that Mr Lungu set up a commission of inquiries according to Chapter 41 of the Inquiries Act of the Laws of Zambia to probe the privatisation process and the recovery of assets through the Task Force.


He said the request is being done on behalf of Zambians who have suffered unbearable misery either by not being paid, underpaid or lost properties like houses.


Mr Tayali also wondered where the properties recovered are.