Tree planting elates Snr chief Mburuma

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Tree planting elates Snr chief Mburuma
Luangwa, Feb 4, 2015, ZANIS  . . . A traditional leader in
Luangwa district has commended the Forestry department for enhancing
tree planting in the area.

ZANIS reports that Senior Chief Mburuma of the Nsenga Ludzi people of Luangwa district has also urged the department of forestry to embark on massive sensitization in communities on the important role that conserving trees plays to the environment.

Senior Chief Mburuma said majority of people do not know the importance of having trees in
communities despite using the trees for different purposes.

Chief Mburuma said this when he witnessed the provincial tree planting
day held in Luangwa District at Luangwa Secondary School and Chitope
Forestry plantation yesterday.

The traditional leader observed that the Forestry department should not just plant
trees but also embark on massive sensitization in communities to
tell people on the need for sustainable cutting of trees.

He said it was sad that people were cutting down trees in large
numbers and using them for different purposes and not replacing them.

And Lusaka Province Forestry Extension Officer Mercy Mubeta Kandulu
who is also Acting Principal Forestry Officer said the Department of
Forestry has embarked on a series of tree planting activities under
the theme” Trees for Social, Economic and Environmental Well-being”.

Ms. Kandulu said in line with the theme the department had seen over
1000 trees planted for timber and fruit production in schools and
forest reserves.

She said while the districts had abundant indigenous fruits such as
masau, mabuyu, busika and many others most areas especially schools
were lacking in fruit trees.

Ms. Kandulu said in order to address the deficit, her department has
decided to partner with schools and communities in tree planting
especially fruit trees such as oranges, guavas and avocado as this
would  enhance their understanding of growing trees and acquiring
practical skills in horticultural plant management and food

She commended the Traditional Leaders for their support in the
preservation of trees and the forestry in Luangwa District and urged
them to continue working with the Department of Forestry in preserving
the environment especially trees for social, economic and
environmental well-being of the people.

Meanwhile, Pupils at Luangwa Secondary School have commended the
Department of Forestry for partnering with learning institutions in promoting fruit
tree planting.

Astridah Mfungo Kabunda a grade 12 pupil at Luangwa Secondary School
said the initiative by the Department of Forestry of introducing tree
planting in schools will help a lot of pupils appreciate the importance
of the natural resources.