Kanyata recognition elates abena Mukulu tribe

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Kanyata recognition elates abena Mukulu tribe

Luwingu, February 4, 2015, ZANIS- -Senior Chieftainess Chungu of abena Mukulu tribe of Luwingu district of the Northern province has commended President Edgar Lungu for recognizing Henry Kanyanta Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people.

Senior chieftainess Chungu said in a letter addressed to ZANIS in Luwingu that the recognition of Mr. Sosala was a solution to the numerous problems faced by the Bemba speaking people and the nation at large.

She bemoaned that villagers were not free to visit their traditional ruler because of the confusion which was created by some disgruntled politicians regarding the recognition of the Henry Kanyanta Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu.

“Indeed we have a president who adapts to situations. The recognition is a solution to numerous problems faced by his subjects and a solution to the problem of major concern by the nation,” she added.

Senior chieftainess Chungu said that it is after recognition that the people in the Bemba kingdom can officially meet their chief mwenilubemba and deal with issues affecting them.

The traditional ruler also paid tribute to bashilubemba for the support rendered to Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala and for being patient until the matter was put to rest.

Meanwhile, senior chieftainess Chungu has pledged to continue supporting president Edgar Lungu during his tenure of office.

She said president Lungu has proved that he is a solution to the problems affecting the people of Zambia adding that he needs the support of peace loving Zambians.