Kalabo boat operators reduce fares

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Kalabo boat operators reduce fares

Kalabo, Feb 2,2015, ZANIS…..Kalabo boat operators have reduced water transport fares by K20 following the drop in the pump price of fuel last month.


Previously operators were charging travelers K120 to the provincial capital Mongu which connects the district to other places and is about 72 kilometers from Kalabo.


ZANIS reports that the development has cheered residents although some felt that the operators could have reduced the fares even further.


Residents spoken to at the harbour appealed to boat owners to consider reducing the fares from K120 and K90 for a speed boat and K60 for a long boat adding that the K100 and K80  new fares were still exorbitant  for the ordinary  residents of Kalabo.


The residents wondered how travelers could be charged the same amount as somebody who was travelling to Lusaka a 672 kilometer distance from Kalabo district.


They have since called on the Ministry of Transport and Communications to dialogue with transporters and see how best they could resolve the alleged over charging.


They noted that commuters in the district had for a long time been exploited adding that government’s intervention could be of great help to the residents.

The residents were optimistic that government intervention could convince transporters to reduce the fares further.