Hundreds turn up for cancer screening

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Hundreds turn up for cancer screening

Kasama, Feb 2, 2015, ZANIS—A team of cancer specialists is in Kasama to provide free public screenings to residents ahead of the International Cervical Cancer day on Wednesday this week.


The specialists from the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka are in the district to screen people for various types of the deadly disease.


The public cancer screenings are being conducted at the Kasama General Hospital.


A check at the hospital by ZANIS this morning found long queues of women, men and the youths waiting to be screened.


The specialists that include doctors, radiation therapists, and surgeons are checking people for breast and cervical cancer in women while the men are being seen for prostate cancer.


And in an interview with ZANIS, Senior Registrar at the Cancer Diseases Hospital Gabriel Lunkamba invited people to turn out in large numbers and seek early treatment.


Dr. Nkamba said it was unfortunate that most people in Zambia were going to hospital when the disease had advanced.


Kasama district is poised to host the International Cervical Cancer Day Commemoration this week on Wednesday.