People rejoiced after late Sata removed Kabimba – Kasonde

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Shibuyunji District has supported party Secretary General Davis Chama’s analysis on Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba’s alleged fantasy of becoming the country’s next president.

The PF Shibuyunji District believes this is because it is an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when in fact not.

In a statement to Qfm News PF Shibuyunji District Chairman Joseph Kasonde has reminded Mr. Kabimba of how people rejoiced after late President Michael Sata removed him from positions of PF Secretary General and Justice Minister.


Mr. Kasonde says the ruling PF has in return also grown stronger and has regained its popularity after his dismissal from both the party and government.

He says this is why he thinks the defections of alleged PF members who are said to be joining the Rainbow Party may only be cosmetic and a pipedream.

PF Shibuyunji District Chairman states if this is not the true, his party in the District challenges Mr. Kabimba to prove to the nation which prominent PF officials have defected to his party to result in an impact.

He is also advising Mr. Kabimba not to concentrate on poaching members from ruling PF but to try elsewhere.




  1. Kabimba how does if feel 2 be the one watching from a distance. Poor u the problem is that u thought u had it all.power hungry kabimba

  2. Toking abt him shows tht u are scared of him ba PF,if president kabimba was not a factor u would have left him alone. United we can