Sikota speaks out on tribalism

Sakwiba Sikota
Sakwiba Sikota

The opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) has suggested Zambia would be a much better place if people randomly socialized together regardless of their political affiliation.

The ULP thinks with such better place it would not matter where an individual originates from or what tribe he is in order to interact freely with other people from other regions of the country.

ULP president Sakwiba Sikota has told Qfm News by telephone that what is however unfortunate is that Zambia is not able to get such kind of atmosphere.


Mr. Sikota states that people in the country seem not to go beyond tribe and political affiliations to consider themselves as firstly being Zambians.

He has suggested that this entails that political parties in the country have a duty to ensure that the issue of tribe is not anything central to any of their politicking.

The ULP president says he is of the view if political party leaders do not bring in the issue of tribe, tribalism will be a non issue.

He says if however political party leaders are in the forefront to bring in the issue of tribe, tribalism will continue to be perpetrated.


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  1. This issue of tribalism appears to be small but it is very big. I remember in unip government to overcome tribalism kaunda allowed students who passed their grade seven to do their grade eight in other provinces. Those in southern they went in eastern province thus why muvela chinyanja chalusaka chinveka chitonga, those from northern they went to the copperbelt and so on. And also enter marriages good combination Nyambe Mulenga, Mwape Miti… the idea was not come up with high breed but to maintain one zambia one nation