Frank Mutibila withdraws injunction against his wife Evelyn

Evelyn Mutubila
Evelyn Mutubila

ZAMBIA’S Ambassador to Italy Frank Mutibila has withdrawn an injunction he filed in the Lusaka High Court asking the court to order his wife Evelyn to vacate the official embassy residence in Italy.
Mr Mutubila has sued Evelyn, the former deputy ambassador to Italy, for divorce on grounds that their marriage has broken down irretrievably as Evelyn had committed adultery by allegedly failing pregnant to an Italian.
Evelyn has on the other hand filed a cross-divorce petition asking the court to divorce her claiming Mr Mutubila had subjected her to physical abuse by beating her.
Mr Mutubila later filed an injunction asking the court to order Evelyn to vacate the official embassy residence and return to Zambia in the event of her appointment being revoked by the Government on November 20, 2014.
He alleged that Evelyn was bringing his name as a representative of Zambia in Italy into disrepute going by the manner she was conducting herself.
Mr Mutubila has, however, withdrawn the injunction without giving further details.

This is according to a notice of withdrawal of the injunction filed before Mr Mutubila’s lawyers, Sharpe and Howard Legal Practitioners, served to Evelyn’s lawyers, J.B Sakala and company.
Meanwhile, Evelyn has told the court that she is ready to defend the divorce petition but she is unable to travel to Zambia because she is pregnant.
Evelyn’s lawyers have since asked Judge Fulgeance Chisanga, who is handling the matter, to adjourn the case to a date on which she would be able attend the court hearing.
“That further the respondent is ready to defend the petition but being in the family way is unable to travel from Italy to Zambia on the proposed dates,” read part of her affidavit in opposition to a notice to fix the date of hearing.
Initially, Ms Justice Chisanga had set yesterday as the date for hearing of the matter.
Ms Justice Chisanga adjourned the mater to September 7, 2015 to enable Evelyn attend the hearing.

[Times of Zambia]