ZPCT volunteers send payroll SOS

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Volunteers for the Zambia Prevention Care and Treatment (ZPCT) at Serenje district hospital have appealed to the government to place them on the payroll.

The volunteers who did not want to be named  for fear of being victimization said they have worked for almost six years at the hospital without being put on the government payroll.

They said they are being paid K150.00 per month from ZPCT as appreciation allowance when they are executing government duties like other hospital staff such as nurses.

“The K150 we are getting from ZPCT is not enough as we are all executing duties which put our health at risk therefore we appeal to government to put us on the payroll so that we can sustain our families,” said one female volunteer.

They added that in 2009 they underwent a psycho-social counseling and prevention of mother to child transmission.

They said after undergoing the training they expected to be employed by the government like their colleagues in other districts.

The volunteers wondered how one would survive on a K150.00 allowance per month .