Wina condemns violence

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Acting President Inonge Wina has condemned in the strongest terms the acts of violence that the country has been recording.


Ms. Wina said any violence perpetrated against people who support divergent views and affiliated to different political parties is unacceptable in Zambia’s democratic dispensation.


This is according to a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by her Senior Private Secretary, Robert Kamalata.


Ms Wina said people are entitled to a difference of opinion when addressing or presenting opposing views.


She noted that there is no individual, grouping or tribe more superior to the other in the eyes of God.


Ms. Wina said the role of leaders in any position is to be of service to the people who choose them to serve them.


She said all leaders in the political, church and social groupings should preach togetherness and lead by example in refraining from perpetuating violence.


Ms. Wina has since called on law enforcement agencies to act swiftly and firmly against any perpetrators of violence and end the bad trend.


She urged Zambians to focus on building the nation together and educating children who will in turn continue keeping Zambia peaceful.