Nothing wrong with another woman sitting on my lap

Divorce Court

A THIRTY-YEAR-OLD-MAN of Nkwazi Township in Ndola has told a local court that he did not see anything wrong for another woman to sit on his laps in a bar when his wife caught him red handed.
Chola Njovu of 2324 Nkwazi Township told Chipulukusu Local Court Presiding Magistrate Paul Kayula that it was not wrong for him to put another woman on his laps while drinking alcohol in a bar.
He told the court that his wife, Janet Chimbala whom he had married for five years was over suspicious and accused him of dating the woman he found sitting on his laps in the bar.
“She thinks all the women that come to my bar are my girlfriends, she has been going to the bar to beat up women and accused them of dating me. This is the reason I want to divorce her,” he told the court.

In defence, Chimbala told the court that her husband was too promiscuous to an extent of answering phone calls from his girlfriends at night in her presence.
She told the court that he was saving all his girlfriends names in his mobile phone as ‘Mr’ and not by their names for her not to know.
“ I once found him with a woman he saved in his phone as ‘Mr Chenda’ sitting on his laps and sharing headsets while drinking alcohol in our bar. When I confronted them, the woman told me that Njovu did not tell her that he was married and was promising to marry her,” she told the court.
In passing the judgment, Mr Kayula said it was wrong for a married man to put another woman on his laps and to answer phone calls from girlfriends at home while with his wife.
He said he did not find anything wrong with the wife, adding that the complainant had motives of marrying one of his girlfriends.
“You want to divorce your wife because you want to marry one of your girlfriends. Every normal woman can react when she sees another woman sitting on her husband’s laps,” he said.
Mr Kayula granted the two divorce and asked the complainant to compensate his wife with K8, 000.

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