Ndola man dumps slim wife

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A CHIPULUKUSU Local Court in Ndola has heard how a 51-year-old man left his wife in preference to his girlfriend who had big buttocks.
The court heard that Mastered Mwandila, 51, left his wife, Rebecca Mwandila, 52, because she was too slim and had no big buttocks.
Rebecca told Presiding Local Court Magistrate Paul Kayula that his husband told her that he was no longer interested in her because he had found a beautiful woman in Lubuto Township in Ndola.
“He left our matrimonial home in June last year. He is now staying in Lubuto with his girlfriend who he says has big buttock and hips than me,” she said.
She  told the court that  she was most of the times sick  and that she was  shocked  to discovered  that  the man  she had been married  to for four  years  was  secretly taking   Anti-Retro-Viral (ARVs) drugs.

The complainant added that her husband refused to do an HIV test after the doctor requested the couple to do so.
In defence, Mwandila told the court that his wife  drank too much alcohol to an extent of sleeping   with his workmate.
He denied infecting the complainant with HIV, saying she had the disease all along because all the men she had been married to before had died.
“I am the fourth husband, all her three husbands are late, and I do not know what killed them. She cannot come here and say I am the one who infected her with the virus,” he told the court.
The defendant admitted staying at the girlfriend’s house because her wife was always drunk and fond of sleeping with young men.
In passing the judgment, Mr Kayula urged the woman to reduce on taking alcohol excessively and sleeping with other men as it would worsen her condition.
He however, granted the two divorce because they were both promiscuous and there was no love between them.

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