Boastful wife loses marriage

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A MAN of Lusaka’s Libala Township has sued his wife for divorce claiming that she is boastful and does not respect him as his husband.
Bwalya Muyoba, 33, told the court that his wife was so boastful that she used to treat him as if he was not her husband.
Bwalya sued Christine Kamutoso,31, of Lusaka’s Northmead area for divorce after the two failed to
resolve their marital disputes.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2006 and have two children and that problems in their marriage started the same year they got married.
Muyoba told the court that besides being boastful, his wife never respected his family.
He said his wife was also a liar to the extent that she used to cry when lying just to convince other people that she was telling the truth.
Muyoba said he could no longer tolerate her because the nine years spent with her amounted to slavery.

He claimed that his wife was also violent that at one time she threatened to cut his throat using a kitchen knife.
The court also heard that Muyoba was forced to leave the matrimonial home to go and squat with his friend because of the violent behaviour of his wife.
Muyoba asked the court to grant him custody of their nine-year-old boy upon granting them divorce citing that while the two were on separation the wife was denying him access to the child.
In defence Kamutoso told the court that she was not ready to divorce her husband for the sake of their two children.
She said all the reasons that the husband had given in court as to why he wanted to divorce her were lies.
“From the time that my husband left our matrimonial home, he went to live with another woman and that is the main reason why he wants divorce,” she said.
Magistrate Sylvia Kabunda granted the two divorce and ordered Muyoba to compensate Kamutoso with K8,000.
The custody of the two children was given to the mother because the nine-year-old boy he wanted told the court that he wanted to be staying with the mother.
Muyoba was however, ordered to provide monthly child maintenance of K350.

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