‘GBV has kept me away from home’

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A WOMAN narrated to the Chawama Local Court how gender-based violence has made her stay away from her home longer than she has lived there.
She said this is because whenever her husband beat her she would run away from home to sleep at a neighbour’s or relative’s home.
Charity Nalumpwe, 23, of John Laing told the court from the time she got married in 2009, she has never been happy as her husband always beats her.
She was speaking before justices Mubukwanu Matakala and Sara Nyendwa in a case where she sued Saidi Phiri, 36, also of the same township for divorce.
Nalumpwe, a mother of one, said whenever she quarrelled with Phiri, she would have to sleep out for fear of being beaten.

She said Phiri one day beat her so badly that she had no strength to walk, adding that she stayed in her house for two days.
Nalumpwe said when neighbours did not see her come, they informed her mother who went to her home and took her.
“My husband has been threatening to kill me if he ever finds me with another man,” she said.
In his statement, Phiri said the problem in their marriage is that Nalumpwe is disrespectful.
He said whenever he got home drunk, she would beat him with pots and pans.

Phiri said he reported the matter to both families who called for a meeting to resolve their (Nalumpwe and Phiri) problems but Nalumpwe did not show up.
He added that although they have been on separation all this time they still have a rapport.
Phiri said that is why he does not agree to divorce as there is still something going on between the two.
Passing judgement, Justice Nyendwa dismissed the claim because the court ascertained that Phiri had not paid dowry therefore, there was no marriage between the two.

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