— ZAWA will forbid untrained tour guides in its protected areas

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ZAWA will forbid untrained tour guides in its protected areas

Mambwe, January 17, 2015, ZANIS —The Zambia wildlife Authority (ZAWA) says it will not allow untrained tour guides to operate in protected areas this year.


Acting ZAWA  Director General Kombe Kampamba says the authority would enforce the ZAWA Act which entails that all tour guides in protected areas are trained in order to effectively protect the wildlife resource in the country.

Mr Kampamba noted that ZAWA was in the past reluctant to enforce the Law but stated that more personnel were trained saying it is important that this Law will be obligatory.

ZANIS reports that the ZAWA Acting Director  was speaking at the graduation ceremony of 37 village scouts and 32 tour guides from Nyamalauma ZAWA College, in Mambwe District today.

He advised all tour operators to ensure that they employ trained personnel to enable gain practical experience.

Mr. Kapamba  commended the Teveta for sponsoring 25 out of the 32 tour guides that underwent the three months programme.

He urged the grandaunts to ensure they protect animals against poaching which is the biggest threat to wildlife.

And ZAWA director for Conservation Management James Milanzi said ZAWA is currently working with other stakeholders to ensure co-existence of wildlife and the local communities in Game Management Areas (GMAs).

Mr Milanzi said government has put up systems to ensure that ZAWA protects wildlife resources in GMAs.

Meanwhile, Teveta Director General David Chakonta  has noted that the country is facing challenges of poor service provision in the tourism sector.


Mr Chakonta observed that the services offered to tourists in the country are inadequate compared to the tourist resources saying it does not have the capacity to service the tourists that come to


He said this has led to reduction in duration spent by tourists in the country adding that it is because of these challenges that they also spend less in Zambia.