Southern PF urges Edgar to fire Munkombwe


Southern Province Patriotic Front (PF) vice chairperson Charles Hamududu has called on party president Edgar Lungu to immediately relieve Daniel Munkombwe of his duties as provincial chairperson .

Mr Hamududud said this is because Mr Munkombwe does not mean well for the ruling party.

ZANIS reports that Mr Hamududu said the party in the area was shocked with the levels of desperation exhibited by the provincial Minister who yesterday endorsed the candidature of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hamududu said Mr. Munkombwe’s behavior which is entirely that of scavenging for any political party that is willing to feed his stomach does not much his age and experience in politics.

Mr. Hamududu said following Mr Munkombwe’s behavior to endorse Hichilema as his preferred candidate in next week’s presidential election, the party has been left with no option but to call for his removal as party provincial chairperson.

Mr. Hamududu has since imposed himself as provincial chairman with immediate effect.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Mazabuka , Mr Hamududu stated that Mr Munkombwe should therefore not be addressed as the PF Provincial chairperson due to the fact that his behavior does not befit that of a senior party official.

He said it was now clear that Mr Munkombwe’s allegiance does not belong to the ruling party but to the opposition UPND as evidenced by his move to support the candidature of Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Hamududu observed that Munkombwe was supposed to retire from active politics with dignity and due respect saying his current deeds had now compromised his standing in public life.

He said removing Munkombwe from his position as chairman will not have any effect on the smooth running of the party because he was not a factor adding that he had failed to mobilize and increase the numbers in the PF ranks since he was appointed provincial chairman.

Mr Hamududu also assured that campaigns in the province had reached a climax and the party in the province was convinced that come January 20 Mr. Lungu would scoop the Presidential polls.


  1. But he has no power to do so. Maybe fire him as provincial chairperson, yes, fire him.