Recapitalisation of state enterprises elates youths

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The Zambia Youth Association in the fight against corruption has praised government for putting aside resources in the 2015 national budget for recapitalisation, value chain development and youth development programmes.


Association Executive Director Rickson Kanema said the move was welcome as it will help to strengthen the capacity and productivity of state owned enterprises and ultimately assist in safeguarding jobs and create employment opportunities for the youths.


Mr. Kanema told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that this was the only way the country can alleviate poverty among its citizens.


He stated that youth unemployment in the country was a time bomb waiting to explode hence the coming up of programmes that stand to benefit the young people was commendable.


Mr. Kanema has since appealed to government to engage people that have capacity to spearhead the projects in order to ensure that the programmes reap the intended benefits.


He said there was also need to put in place stringent measures that will curb misuse of funds meant to uplift the wellbeing of the citizens.


He further proposed that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) must be key stakeholders in the implementation of projects to curb any possible abuse of funds.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kanema has called on Zambians to vote for a candidate who will courageously work and implement programmes that will better the welfare of young people in the country.


He also urged all the youths to turn up in numbers to vote for their preferred candidate in the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.



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