Kasama residents appeal to govt. to erect a bridge on Lukashya Stream

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Tibi residents in Kasama are appealing to government to consider putting up a permanent bridge on lukashya stream in order to ease their mobility.


One of the residents Monday Kafula said the bridge which was constructed in 1993 using plunks often collapses thereby putting the lives of the local people at risk.


Mr. Kafula made these remarks when Kasama District Commission (DC) Kalanga Bwalya inspected works on the temporal bridge constructed by the Road Development Agency (RDA) this morning.


He observed that Tibi village is one of the agricultural productive areas in Kasama, but farmers find it difficult to transport their farm produce to the market due to the constant collapse of the bridge.


Mr. Kafula also thanked government for constructing a temporal bridge which has lessened the problems the people were facing in the area.


And the DC said government is committed to improving the welfare of the people in the district.

Mr. Bwalya assured the residents that government is doing everything possible to ensure that a permanent bridge is constructed on the lukashya stream.


The DC also commended RDA for the good works done on the bridge and cautioned the residents not to vandalize the public infrastructure.