Fish farmers send sos to govt

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Fish farmers in Kaputa district have
appealed to the government to help them improve their
production during the fish ban.

Gerald Mukangwa of Filoli Fish Farm in Kaputa notes that the sector
has great potential for growth but is hindered by lack of funds and

He said fish farmers in Kaputa have inadequate funding to enable them
expand and feed the district during the current fish ban.

He added that the district has no breeding centre to supply farmers
with fingerlings and ws depending on local breeds from dams and Lake
Mweru Wantipa which he said were difficult to keep.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mukangwa said this after fish cropping and grading at his farm in Kaputa yesterday at an event that was witnessed by officials from Ministry of
Agriculture and Livestock.

He has since asked government to construct a breeding centre in the
area where farmers could be buying fingerlings.

Meanwhile, Kaputa District Marketing Development Officer, In the
Ministry of Agriculture Charles Mwanza said there are about 17 fish
farmers in the district but a lot more have also shown interest in the

Mr. Mwanza said he expects more farmers to venture into the business
after the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) pledged to
fund fish farming in the district this year.

He said that the sector has great potential especially that fish stocks in
Lake Mweru Wantipa were slowly depleting.

Mr. Mwanza said the involvement of farmers in fish farming will also
reduce pressure on Lake Mweru Wantipa but ensure continued supply of
fish even during the fish ban.

He has since called for more sensitization for both farmers and
fishermen to venture into fish farming.

The national fish ban which commenced on December 1, 2014 is currently underway untill March 1 this year.