PF development agenda cheers youths

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——Some  youths in Serenje district have observed that voting an  opposition political party in the fourth coming presidential by-election would jeopardize the development that has started bearing fruit in the country.

Speaking in separate interviews with ZANIS today Wilfred Mulenga of Tazara compound and Philip Sikambale of Serenje Farmers Association Agro shop pledged to support the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Edgar Lungu in the January 20, 2015 Presidential by-election.

The duo said this is because voting for another party would jeopardize the development that was already visible under the PF government.

Mr Mulenga said he had decided to come out in the open because it had become evident that the PF government was the only party with convincing and genuine ideas on how to develop the country.

He said the PF government should be given a chance to finish their projects.

Mr Mulenga has called on fellow youths in the country to commit themselves to turn-up in large numbers and vote for Mr Lungu.

And Mr Sikambale observed that the PF is so far the only party that has convinced youths through the   development that it has delivered closer to the people in the three years of being in power.

Mr Sikambale added that although changing government is important, it has some implications of deterring development in the country especially when a government has already shown some  indicators of achievement.

Mr Sikambale has also called on the youths in Serenje and the country at large not to entertain voter apathy as it can cost the nation.

Both youths have however called on the PF to double its efforts to recover from the injuries the party suffered in the recent past and unite for a common cause to serve the Zambian people.