Parliament DEPUTY Chief of security convicted


DEPUTY Chief of security at Parliament Melvis Shamakamba has been fined K8,700 by the Lusaka Magistrates Court for committing six traffic offences among them driving under the influence of alcohol.
Magistrate Phaides Hamaundu fined Shamakamba, 36, or in default 18 months imprisonment, after she convicted him of abrogating traffic rules.
“The convict is deputy chief security officer at a law making organ and is expected to behave in an exemplary manner,” magistrate Hamaundu said.
In the first count, Shamakamba was charged with failing to obey instructions from a Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) officer while in count two he was charged with driving without a license.
In count three, he was charged with driving a car without a valid certificate of fitness and count four was driving without a road tax.

In count five, Shamakamba was charged with driving under the influence of liquor while in count six, the charge was dangerous driving.
Particulars of the offences are that on September 21, last year, Shamakamba whilst driving a Range Rover registration number ALF 1550, around 02:55 hours, along Chilumbulu Road committed the said offences.
He admitted counts two, three, four and five but denied count one and six.
During trial, Joseph Mwaba, a RTSA officer told the court that on the material day, Shamakamba threatened him with a pistol after he asked him to stop.  He said Shamakamba sped off and the woman who was on the passenger’s seat fell off.
“I retreated because I was scared but my colleagues gave a chase,” Mwaba said.

In defence, Shamakamba denied producing a gun but said he sped off because of security reasons as he was not sure if the officers were really officials from RTSA.
“I was assaulted and dragged to the hospital were blood samples were drawn,” he said.
He said he drunk some beers at UTH club and found the road block on his way home.
In mitigation through his lawyer Linous Eyaa, Shamakamba said he was remorseful and asked for maximum leniency as he had suffered losses.
Magistrate Hamaundu took his mitigation into consideration and fined him K200 for the first count in default two weeks imprisonment, K300 for second and third count in default three weeks imprisonment.
She fined him K900 for count four in default one month imprisonment, K4,000 for count five or default nine months imprisonment and K3,000 for count six in default six months imprisonment.
The convict paid the money immediately.


Daily Mail