Landlord threatens to gun down tenant

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

THE Lusaka Boma Local Court has heard how a man of Ten Miles allegedly threatened his tenant to shoot her for deserting his house without settling two-month rentals.
Mundia Wamunyima, 26, told the local court that her 60-year-old landlord Rodwell Chindamba warned her that she would be gunned down if she continued to delaying in settling the rentals.
This is a case where Chindamba sued Wamunyima for none payment of K700 after the defendant vacated his house without settling two-month outstanding arrears.
Wamunyima said she had explained to Chindamba that she would pay him once she had the money but instead plaintiff kept on threatening her.

“He calls me asking for his money and I have been telling him that I will give him the money but he threatens to shoot or beat me up when we cross paths,” she said.
A woman of Ten Miles area has told the Lusaka Boma Local Court that she had been afraid to settle her former landlord his house rentals after he threatened to shoot her for having not paid them on time.
Wamunyima said that she had on several occasions tried to take the money to Chindamba but always withdrew when he called her and threatened to shoot or beat her up.
Chindamba, however, told the court that Wamunyima had moved out of his house without settling her house rentals for two months without his knowledge.

He said he tried calling her but she always avoided his calls and even refused to meet with him.
Chindamba said he wanted his money because she had kept it for too long and it was his only source of income.
Senior Court Magistrate Grace Kanta sitting with senior court magistrates Morgan Khayanika and Peggy Nyambe ordered Wamunyima to pay Chindamba his money in two instalments.
The court said Wamunyima should first pay K350 first instalment starting next month end, while the other K350 should be paid in January.


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