Irate farmers give FRA two-day ultimatum

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Irate small scale farmers in Kasama and Mungwi districts in the Northern province have given government a two day ultimatum in which to pay money owed to them by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

The farmers have warned that failure to pay them the outstanding dues will force them to withdraw their maize.

The incensed farmers who stormed ZANIS offices in Kasama today said they have given the FRA up to tomorrow on Friday to pay them or risk to have their merchandise withdrawn from the sheds.

The over 80 farmers who were headed by Christine Bwalya, 78 of Chimba failed to hold their emotions as they openly wept as they made the statement.

Ms. Bwalya vowed not leave the FRA premises on tomorrow on Friday until they were paid their money.

She appealed to government to quickly clear them so that they go back to their respective places to start preparing for 2014/2015 farming season.

And Harrison Chilufya of Kasakula satellite revealed that farmers have now been subjected to anguish as they have no money to support their families.

Mr. Chilufya charged that it was unfair for government to hold on to the money because they equally had financial problems to attend to.