Persons with disabilities appeal for assistance from govt.

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Persons with disabilities appeal for assistance from govt.

Mongu , November 21,  ZANIS—Persons with disabilities have appealed to government through the office of the Permanent Secretary in Western Province to support them in commemorating their International Day which falls on December 3rd annually.

International Day of Disabilities Organizing Chairperson for Mongu district John Siyubo disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS after a preparatory meeting that was held at the Social Welfare Provincial office.

Mr. Siyubo noted that government being the main parent for persons with disabilities should assist in making the day enjoyable just like any other International day, adding that disabled persons cannot do anything without government’s assistance.

He has called on all the citizens to join the persons with disabilities in the commemoration adding that the day is not only for the disabled but for all the people in the World.

And Mongu District Social Welfare Officer Nalishebo Simunji explained that people with disabilities have been treated as second class citizens and discriminated by both society and families in most cases.

Ms. Simunji said that disability has been associated with a curse or punishment from God, which is a misconception.

She has urged the able bodied to look at the disabled as people created by God, treat them with respect and allow them to make their own decisions.

Ms. Simunji stated that disability should not be a hindrance for one to excel, adding that people with disabilities can excel just like any other person if given an opportunity.

The international Day of Disabilities begun in 1981 for the purpose of understanding and respecting people with disabilities and what they can do. This year’s day will be commemorated under the theme: Sustainable development, the promise of technology.