Fr Bwalya to back PF in presidential election

President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ ..
President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ ..

The Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) says it will support the Patriotic Front in the forthcoming presidential by-election.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today, ABZ President Father Frank Bwalya says the party has decided not put up a candidate in the election because the party has not yet created enough structures throughout the country to make a meaningful attempt at forming government.

Fr. Bwalya says it makes more sense for political parties with a considerable number of members of parliament to participate in this particular election.

He adds that the party has also scrutinized all the members who were interested to stand on the ABZ ticket and have found them not ready hence the decision to support the PF for only this presidential election.


Fr. Bwalya notes that though the PF has not done very well since they came into power, he believes that they can do better given another chance.

He has further urged the members of PF contesting for presidency to engage in dialogue and come up with one person without hurting other people.

And Fr. Bwalya has announced the pulling out of his party from the opposition alliance comprising five opposition political parties.

He has since wished the alliance good luck in its endeavors.




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