Lusaka wife forgets when she got married

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA businesswoman who narrated to the Matero Local Court how turbulent her marriage stunned the court when she said she could not quite recall at what point she got married.
She, however, remembers that she has lived with her husband from 2000 although he had not paid dowry at the time.
Emelia Malumo, 29, of Chipata Township was testifying before Justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye in a case where she dragged Harrison Mulenga, 44, also of the same township to court for child maintenance.
She said all the years they have lived together, her family has been calling him for marriage talks but he has not been forth-coming.
Malumo said she has been breaking her back for Mulenga’s children, paying their school fees and providing for them while her husband did nothing for them.
When Justice Mumba asked Malumo when the two got married, she told the court she could not recall.
During cross-examination, Mulenga questioned Malumo if he ever asked Emelia’s parents’ for permission to live with her or if she just moved herself into his home.
And in his statement, Mulenga said Malumo is aware that he is on TB treatment and as such is not able to be in gainful employment.
“The only money I can give her for the children is K10 or K5 which I earn after doing piece work in town. I buy myself 500g packs of mealie-meal and she expects me to buy her a 25kg bag of mealie-meal?” he said.
Passing judgement, Justice Mumba upheld the claim and ordered Mulenga to pay Malumo monthly child maintenance of K300.


Zambia Daily Mail