Lusaka man accuses mother of affair with a cousin, court orders him to vacate


A MAN who has been suspecting his mother of having an affair with a cousin she is keeping was disgraced by the Chilenje Local Court when his claim for her to vacate a house was overturned.
The court instead ordered his mother Elina Nyirongo, who bought a plot and built a two-room house, to sue him to vacate the room he is occupying as he is a married man who should be independent.
William Mumba said he lives in one room with his wife while his mother lives in the other with her adult cousin.
This was heard before Justice Sharon Sichone in a case where Mumba, 28, sued Nyirongo to vacate the house.
He said he finds it awkward that his mother could share a room all these years with a male adult.
“This is why I want her to move out because it’s a strange set-up. She needs to explain to us what this is all about,” he said.
Mumba also said Nyirongo has unceremoniously chased him from the house and he is not happy about it.
He said all he wants is for his mother to tell him the truth about her relationship with her cousin.
In her statement, Nyirongo said Mumba accuses her of murdering his father and also threatens to kill her.
But Justice Sichone lambasted Mumba asking him what he is doing at his mother’s house at his age.
She ordered him to move out and find a place of his own where he can take care of his family.
“You have no right to cause your mother such problems. It is not your business what she does with her life. You find your own place if you are uncomfortable,” she said.
Justice Sichone then ordered Nyirongo to get a summons for Mumba to vacate the house and make him sign it before he could leave the court.


Zambia Daily Mail