Mpika women, youth endorse Lungu

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Women in Mpika district this morning matched to the district administration office to show solidarity on the decision made by the Patriotic Front (PF) central committee yesterday to endorse Edgar Lungu as the party’s presidential candidate.


The residents, majority of whom are marketers and of Chitulika village, chanted slogans to support Mr. Lungu, who is also party Secretary General, to continue from where the late President Sata left.


The women have since urged the PF central committee to respect the will of the majority Zambians.


They threatened that should the central committee change the candidate due to intimidation and corruption, the party risks being voted out of power in the forthcoming presidential bye-elections scheduled for January, 2015.


Speaking on behalf of the other women, Lillian Nachilongo said having a convention this time would be a waste of resources.


And the PF in Muchinga province has also upheld the endorsement of party Secretary General Edgar Lungu’s candidature in the January 2015 presidential bye-election.


Provincial Women Affairs Chairperson, Mary Chifuna, told ZANIS in an interview this morning that with or without a general conference, Muchinga Province has endorsed the decision of the central committee of support Mr. Lungu as its candidate.


Mrs. Chifuna explained that the late president Sata had confidence in Mr. Lungu hence leaving him with instruments of power.


She said it was clear that the general public wants Mr. Lungu to take over from the late president.


And youths in Mpika district have also rallied behind the central committee and the 63 PF Members of Parliament (MPs) who endorsed the candidature of the party General Secretary as PF presidential candidate for January 2015.


The youths explained that they will not accept confusion in the party and appealed to the central committee to kick start campaigns in the best interest of time.


They said going for a convention when the party has no money would encourage corruption which will result in choosing a wrong candidate whom the Zambian may not like.