Chipimo, Sondashi join presidential race

Elias Chipimo, NAREP
Elias Chipimo, NAREP

Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) President Ludwig Sondashi has declared his candidature for next year’s presidential by-election.

Dr. Sondashi has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that his party believes that it has the leadership with necessary experience to effect change at the level that will be selfless and spur productivity and economic prosperity in the country so as to eradicate widespread poverty.


Dr Sondashi says he is prepared to provide leadership that will bring about change which will give hope, promote balanced economic development, encourage hard work, promote national peace, non violence and rid the country of corruption.

He has pledged to adopt the recently released draft constitution as a step forward towards the adoption of constitutional reforms which will usher in the reduction of excessive presidential powers and the transfer of the powers to the regions so as to create federal provinces.

Dr. Sondashi adds that he will also offer the Sondashi Formula (SF 2000) to the government so that it can be improved upon and later given to the people who are suffering from HIV and AIDS free of charge.

He says FDA will also encourage the participation of young people in the affairs of the party so that they can be prepared to take over the leadership as the future belongs to them, stating that in the meantime the elderly should not abandon the struggle for a better Zambia.

Dr. Sondashi further states that he has offered himself for the position of president because he is the most experienced politician with relevant attainments stressing that he can also boast of having a clean record in public service.

And National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo junior says foresaw the power struggle in the Patriotic Front immediately he learnt of the passing of President Michael Sata.

Speaking during a media briefing this morning Mr. Chipimo says he took time to allow to God speak to him during mourning period bearing in mind that Zambia is a Christian nation requiring every leader to draw closer to God.


Mr. Chipimo says after his seven days of prayer, he has also noted that President Sata’s death has also made Zambians to come to a unique point, but that above all be prayerful to maintain the peace that the country has enjoyed in the last fifty years.

He stresses that it also in this regard that he is proud to announce his candidature in next year’s presidential by-election.

He explains that the decision was arrived at after serious and wide consultation.

The NAREP leader states that he has been endorsed as presidential candidate by the party members who feel that Zambia needs a new young leader to help the country move forward.

Mr. Chipimo notes that the presidential by-election will only focus on personality because God has already chosen a leader, hence the need for Zambians to continue praying for peace and unity.

He has also stated that his party is ready to work with any party that shares its vision.