PF won’t bow to pressure-Scott

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Acting President Guy Scott has said the Patriotic Front (PF) will not endorse decisions through intimidation and disorder.


Dr. Scott said any attempt to rush the process or exclude the rank and file conference members will create anarchy in the ruling party.


He said anyone calling for the central committee to select the party president instead of the general conference doing that would be deliberately misleading the public and in the process inviting disorder.


Dr. Scott was speaking during a media briefing at his office following reports that over 63 PF Members of Parliament (MPs) met and endorsed the party’s Secretary General, Edgar Lungu, as a sole candidate for the upcoming presidential bye-election,


“The party constitution is very clear. PF selects its president at the general conference, full national convention with wide representation from all provinces,” Dr. Scott explained.


He said a democratic process will enable a large number of party members to scrutinise the candidates and unite around one aspirant who obtains more support rather than having a privileged few in the name of Members of Parliament.


Dr. Scott said in line with article 52 (1) and 61 (d) of the PF constitution, he has given instructions to start preparations for general conference at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe next weekend.

Earlier, about 30 PF cadres clashed with the police outside Cabinet Office, where Dr. Scott operated from.

The cadres, who were mainly from Matero constituency, were chanting slogans demanding for a general conference.

Joshua Kachema, a branch youth chairman in Matero, said what the cadres wanted was that the party should follow the constitution in choosing President Sata’s successor and not using shortcuts.

The consultative meeting of PF Members of Parliament has petitioned the central committee to adopt Mr. Lungu as the party’s sole candidate for the forthcoming presidential by-election.