— Chembe business community mourns Sata

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Chembe Business Community mourn Sata

Chembe November, 10, 2014, ZANIS ———— The Business Community in Chembe District have described the late Republican President Michael Sata as a man who put the needs of the poor first.

Chembe Business Community Chairperson Victor Shamende says the business community in Chembe is saddened by the death of President Sata.


Mr Shamende says during Mr Sata’s reign the business community in Chembe district benefited greatly due to the many developments that he bought in the area.


Mr. Shamende cited the Multi Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) as one initiative that will which will benefit the people of the area once operational.

ZANIS reports that the Chembe Business Community Chairperson said this in an interview in Chembe district, today.


Mr. Shamende says it is sad to lose the President at a time when major projects which he started in the province are about to begin bearing fruits.

And another businessman in Chembe District Bupe Gondwe has described President Sata as a selfless leader from a humble background whose life needs to be emulated.

Mr. Gondwe said the unprecedented infrastructure development in the three years of his reign is a clear testimony of his vision for Zambia.

He mentioned roads, heath posts, schools, and markets as some of the projects that the late president will be remembered for.

Mr. Gondwe says the business community in Chembe will remember President Sata for his hard work and his love for the people of Zambia.