— Late President Sata described as father of the nation

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Late President Sata described as Father of the Nation

Lunga,  November 10 2014,  ZANIS  —- Lunga District Commissioner Rose Chimbini has described late Republican President as a father of the Nation.


Mrs Chimbini says losing a great leader like president Sata is very painful and hard to believe.


ZANIS reports that the district commissioner said this in an interview in Lunga District, today.


She said the late Republican President was a President for the whole nation who transformed the lives people in Lunga.


 She said the people of Lunga district received the development they deserve under his leadership which had not been experienced in any government since independence.


Lunga District on the swamps of the Lake Bangweulu in Samfya District of the Luapula province is among the new districts which were declared by the Late President Sata and his PF administration.


And Lunga District Administrative Officer Martine Chilukwa says the late president changed the way people perceived development.


Mr Chilukwa say before the late president came into power people in the thought it was not possible to bring development to the country.


He says the president will be remembered for the changes he made which were meant to enhance the livelihood of the poor in society.


He noted that the creation of Lunga as a District by the late president has seen a lot of youths being employed in higher positions in the District.