Civil servants urged to realize Sata’s vision

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Civil servants urged to realize Sata’s vision


Mpongwe, Nov 6/14.ZANIS—-Mpongwe District Commissioner, George Nsali, has urged civil servants across the country to work hard in achieving late President, Michael Sata’s vision for developing the country.


Speaking during a special District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting held in Mpongwe, Mr Nsali said civil servants should emulate the late Head of State’s vision of giving hope to all citizens in all situations.


He noted that President Sata was an outstanding figure in the lives of many people and that his work culture should be emulated.


“President Sata gave hope where there was no hope. We must, too, give hope in areas where there is need so that the public can receive the best results from us,” he said.


Mr Nsali further appealed to civil servants to embrace a spirit of unity and hard work in achieving the country’s development agenda.


”I am appealing to all civil servants to continue working hard in the spirit of oneness. We must never let our differences propel hate among us; we should instead use our differences to listen, to care, to love and respect each other,” he said.


He added that the country is currently passing through a difficult phase and that civil servants should guard and protect the values of government.


“This is a difficult moment where sometimes we might take views that are contrary from those in Government. It is always important not to let these views bring us into conflict with each other and reduce our work input,” he stated.