2)–Choma will miss Sata for development vision

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Choma will miss Sata for development vision

Choma, Nov 6, 2014, ZANIS…….A  civic leader in Choma district says the late President Michael Sata will greatly be missed for embarking on capital projects in the area.

Macha United Party for National Development (UPND) Ward Councilor  Gideon Muleya said people in Southern Province particularly  in Choma will fondly remember him for  establishing Choma as the provincial capital and kick starting developmental projects in the area.

Mr. Muleya said this today after signing his message of condolences  for the late president  at the provincial office.

He cited the construction of urban roads, the provincial offices and houses, the creation of new districts as some of the milestones the late president scored in the province.

“We shall forever more fondly remember him for many developmental projects taking shape in the province such as the construction of roads, creation of new districts and other projects,” said Mr. Muleya.

The civic leader also joined many voices in the country calling for a peaceful transition of power to ensure that democracy thrives in the country.

He pointed out that it was important for all Zambians to promote an atmosphere of unity, peace and love for each other during and after the mourning period.

“ We should all cultivate peace, unity and love for one another during  the mourning period and after the burial to ensure a smooth transition of power,” Mr. Muleya said.