— Lukulu PF membership mourns Sata

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Lukulu PF membership mourns Sata

Lukulu, 05 November 2014, ZANIS —-  Lukulu District Patriotic Front Executive Committee Members have appreciated the good works initiated in Lukulu by the Late President Micheal Sata in the last three years he has been in the office.

Lukulu District PF chairman Simataa Mwiya said in the last three years President Micheal Sata has been in the office he  implemented several developmental projects in the district.

Mr. Mwiya said among the developmental projects that have since taken place in the area is the creation of Mitete as a district, construction of the urban local court and offices of the president.


ZANIS reports that the PF official said this in a letter dated October 30TH 2014 addressed to PF General Secretary Edger Lungu, 

Others are the completed phase one of the Modern District Hospital as well as the upgrading of Mulongo, Lubosi and Lukulu Primary Schools to secondary giving the district a total of five secondary schools.

Mr. Mwiya said the own going implementation of the social cash transfer both in Lukulu and Mitete districts is yet another initiative the Late President will be remembered for.

In another development Mr. Mwiya has appreciated the move by Acting Republican President Guy Scott to reinstate Honorable Edger Lungu as PF Party Secretary General who he fired on Monday.

Mr. Mwiya said the PF party in Lukulu District was not happy with the act adding that this was going to showed that Doctor Scott was not happy with the appointment by the Late President.

The District Party Chairman added that such acts should not be done as the body of the Late President is not yet buried.

On Monday Acting Republic President Guy Scott relieved Edger Lungu as PF Secretary General and appointed Chipili Member of Parliament Davies Mwila who turned down the appointment.