Wrangles rock paralympics body

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WRANGLES have again engulfed the National Paralympics Committee (NPC) with some affiliates calling for the removal of the Sara Brotherton-led executive committee for alleged misuse of funds.
The affiliates are also dissatisfied with NPC national athletics coordinator Jonathan Chipalo whom they have accused of undertaking responsibilities that are not prescribed in his appointment.
Speaking on condition of anonymity in an interview yesterday, the affiliates said Chipalo’s meddling in the duties of other officials had caused misunderstandings in the NPC and hence calls for his removal to restore harmony.
They said Chipalo had been withdrawing money for the NCP bank account without the consent of Jane Banda, who is the treasurer based in Kabwe.

“Of late the paralympics body has not been making progress with regards to the improvement various sports disciplines because the president has not been on the ground to perform her duties for a long time.
Chipalo has been trying to take advantage of the president and all the responsibilities of the other subordinates and recently, he even reached an extent of reporting the treasure to court for allegedly stealing cheque books from the office when she was merely trying to safeguard the meagre resources,” the source said.
When contacted for a comment, Banda admitted having been reported to the police for allegedly carrying the cheque books home owing to the mismanagement of funds by Chipalo.
“I noticed that money was being withdrawn without my concern and approval as a treasure hence I had to take the cheque books out of office for safe keeping. Despite being frustrated by the recent development, I will never give up on Paralympics as it is my passion,” Banda said.

But Chipalo refuted the allegations saying they were baseless and described them as
a trap aimed at making him fail in his duties.
Chipalo said the NPC always conducted audits every Friday of which Banda needed to inform and consult them before leaving the office along with the check books.
Brotherton, who also expressed ignorance of the mismanagement of funds, said the misunderstanding would be resolved administratively and further called for calm.
“Every organisation faces problems and I think we should sort them out without raising eyebrows outside, we have to avoid these understandings amongst ourselves,” she said.


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