Media called to desist from publishing negative stories during mourning

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The Patriotic Front Party (PF) leadership in Southern Province has called on the media to desist from publishing negative stories that could break the peace and unity the country needs to mourn President Michael Sata.


PF youth Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Protasho Mulenga, says negative stories about the PF being published in the media have the potential to cause panic and disunity during this mourning period.


 Mr Mulenga has also called on the PF members in Southern Province to remain united as they mourn their party President who is also the Republican President.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Choma today  Mr Mulenga said youths in the Province are deeply saddened by the death of President Sata who was keen to help many youths develop in their political careers.


“It is a sorrowful moment for youths in the province who wanted to excel and learn more about politics from President Michael Sata,” he said.


Mr Mulenga appealed to the PF leadership in the country to emulate President Sata in promoting unity in the party and ensure that the President is mourned with peace, unity and dignity.


He said the PF party and the nation as a whole have lost a great leader who was determined to develop the nation for the benefit of all Zambians.


Mr Mulenga, however, conveyed his message of condolences to the First Lady, and his fellow PF members.


And speaking earlier, Choma District PF Information and Publicity Secretary, Peter Kapamba, said the PF leadership in the district has opened a book of condolences at the district offices.


Mr Kapamba said the PF offices will remain open 24 hours during the mourning period and urged all members of the public in the district to join the party in mourning the President.


He said the PF members in the district have pledged to remain united and mourn the President in a manner befitting of him.


Mr Kapamba added that it is unfortunate that some sections of the media are publishing disuniting articles at this sorrowful period.