Blanket from hubby’s ex-lover lands woman in court

Criminal court
Criminal court

GRABBING a blanket from her husband’s former lover has landed a woman of Petauke in court.
Tasila Banda of Showgrounds township has been dragged to court by Elizabeth Zulu for seizing the bed linen and hurling insults at her.
Zulu sued Banda for compensation for the insults.
She told Petauke local court magistrate Isaac Mwale that on September 6, 2014, around 22:00 hours, she was disturbed by a knock on the door and when she opened Banda entered and started insulting her.
“Banda accused me of being a prostitute who wanted to destroy her marriage. She asked me why my children were covered with a blanket similar to hers and she grabbed it,” Zulu recounted.
She said after grabbing the blanket, Banda rushed to her car and drove away.
In her defence, Banda said her husband Shaibu Phiri travelled to Lusaka last month with the blanket but returned home without it.
She said when she asked Phiri about the coverlet, he decided to take her to the “harlot” who grabbed it after sleeping with him.
Banda said the duo then booked a taxi around 22:00 hours and went to Zulu’s home.
“I did not enter her house. It is my husband who entered and came out with the blanket,” she said.
Testifying as a witness, Phiri told the court that the pressure Banda exerted prompted him to take her to Zulu’s home.
“I wanted peace in my home and by then my affair with Zulu had ended. I thought my wife Banda would not make noise but the opposite happened,” he said.
Passing judgement, Magistrate Mwale found Banda guilty and ruled that he pays K1,500 to Zulu as compensation for insults and trespass.
The money is to be paid in monthly instalments of K250.


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