Hundreds converge at thanks giving service to mark Zambia’s 50th jubilee

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Vice President Guy Scott has said the presence of multitudes of Zambians at thanksgiving services to mark the country’s 50th independence anniversary signifies the country’s true unity.


Dr Scott said this at a Thanks Giving Service held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka to mark Zambia’s 50thindependence anniversary celebrations.


Among the people that attended the thanks giving service were first Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, leaders of opposition political parties, Freedom fighters, and other senior government officials.


And Father Brian Chibuluma from the Zambia Episcopal Conference described this year as a year of jubilee, liberty, renewal, celebration and reconciliation.


Fr. Chibuluma said it is a blessing to experience a jubilee as a country and that it is a gift from God which needed to be appreciated.


During the sermon, Fr. Chibuluma said the jubilee period among other things is a year of restructuring the country.

He commended government for the various developmental projects currently being undertaken countrywide and scolded at people criticizing the massive development.


And Fr. Chibuluma called on the opposition political parties and the civil society to be exemplary in practicing tolerance and engaging in dialogue in matters affecting the country.


Fr. Chibuluma noted that now was the time for reconciliation and consider each other as brothers and sisters as stipulated in the slogan ‘One Zambia One Nation.


In his intercessory prayer, Zambia Army Deputy Chaplain Hendricks Moma thanked God for the peace and unity Zambia has continued to enjoy since 1964.


Lieutenant Colonel Moma thanked God for the leaders he used in past times in the liberation struggle and the reintroduction of multi-party democracy among others.


He also thanked God for President Michael Sata’s passion to revive a sense of patriotism in the citizenry and for taking development to all parts of the country.


He prayed for unity, tolerance, peace and coexistence to continue prevailing among the Zambian leaders and the entire nation.


Meanwhile, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba expressed disappointment with some opposition political parties who did not attend the service.


Dr. Mumba told ZANIS in an interview that those who shunned the occasion are not doing justice to the country and however commended those who attended the event.


He added that there is need to continue preaching the message of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness and that Zambians must unit as one regardless of their political affiliation.


And Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) leader Nevers Mumba reiterated the need for reconciliation and forgiveness on things which were earlier not agreed on ahead of jubilee celebrations.


Dr Mumba said there was need to pray for unity and provide a platform where all people can rally together as one.