Expressive art can influence policy makers to create a better future for children-

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First Lady Christine Kaseba today joined scores of children at the Lusaka show grounds in commemorating the golden jubilee through expressive art.


The first lady who was accompanied by United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) country representative Hamid El Bashir Ibrahim and National Arts Council (NAC) Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe took some time to paint a picture of a baby before inspecting the pictures painted by the children at the art fair.


 In her address to the children, Dr Kaseba encouraged children to use art to express themselves.


The First Lady explained that through expressive art, children can influence policy makers in creating a better bright future for them.


She implored the children to continue communicating what future they want through expressive art.


The first lady stressed that through expressive art policy makers will be acquainted with what future the children desire.


Dr Kaseba said she was overwhelmed with the paintings the children painted as they portrayed the past, present and the future of Zambia.


She cited the painting of carbon emission as one of the paintings depicting the dangers of environmental pollution.


Dr Kaseba said there is need to reduce on carbon emission so as to protect the future environment from pollution.


And speaking earlier at the same event UNICEF country representative Hamid El Bashir Ibrahim thanked the children for participating in the golden jubilee expressive art.


Dr Ibrahim said the different paintings reviewed how much the Zambian child is talented.


He since wished Zambia a glorious and prosperous future as the country counts down to the golden jubilee celebration.


Lusaka becomes the tenth province to participate in the golden jubilee expressive art organized by UNICEF.


The pictures collected from the ten provinces are expected to be displayed at the Lusaka National Museum as golden jubilee paintings.