Grandpa jailed 30 yrs for defilement

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

KABWE High Court has sentenced a 72-year-old man to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling an 11-year-old girl.
Kabwe Judge-in-charge Mwiinde Siavwapa sent Ackson Siwale to prison yesterday after he was convicted by the lower court.
Mr Justice Siavwapa in passing judgment said Siwale had no excuse for sexually abusing the girl.
Meanwhile, a 32-year-old man has been slapped a of 25-year jail term with hard labour for defiling a seven-year-old girl.
Brighton Mushinga had sex with an underage girl on July 31, 2013 in Kabwe District.
In mitigation, Mushinga asked for leniency from the court because he was a first offender who had learnt his lesson and was remorseful for his actions.
In his Judgment, Mr Justice Siavwapa said Mushinga’s actions were barbaric and there was no justification for a man of his age to sleep with a seven-year-old child.
Mr Justice Siavwapa also sentenced Elliot Musonda 39 to 18 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling his stepdaughter.
Musonda, of Serenje, defiled the girl in December 2012.
In a similar case, the judge sentenced Victor Lungu to 16 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling an 11-year-old-girl in November 2012.
Another man will serve 18 years in prison with hard labour for defiling an eleven-year-old girl.
Billy Chanda, 22, defiled the girl on January 9, 2013.


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  1. those years ar jst nt enough,if i may ask do they do such things all bcoz of the same ordinary sex o there ar other rizons behind dat?