Big Brother hotshots : Sabina’s Got A Baby

Big Brother hotshots : Sabina's Got A Baby
Big Brother hotshots : Sabina's Got A Baby

Sabina seemed to be missing her baby, as she had decided to strap a make-shift one to her back. Compiled of clothes and blankets, as well as her own baby’s hat, she wandered about the house, before joining Permithias outside.

The two got intimate with one another once more, Permithias laying his head in her lap, and her maternal instincts kicking in again as she cradled him in her arms.

The conservation got a little more serious, veering back to the game, with Sabina asking Permithias how he intended to move forward in the house. She joked that perhaps she should start hanging around Frankie, because he’s older; but her molly-coddling suggested she would be happier with the younger housemates, giving her a chance to cuddle and care for them.

Sabina has often been first on the scene when other housemates started weeping, offering a shoulder to cry on, along with a kind word or two. If she ever gets a chance to become Head of House, she can apply all her motherly skills to the job.

Their fellow housemates were a popular topic of conversation. Sabina said she would love to visit Uganda and hang out with Ellah, but she was uncertain about Esther, wondering who she really was outside the house. The gossip had to be nipped in the bud, however, when Samantha and Lilian came outside.

Do Sabina and Permithias just enjoy one another’s company, or could there something deeper developing between them?


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