Big Brother hotshots : The Die Is Rolled

Big Brother hotshots : The Die Is Rolled
Big Brother hotshots : The Die Is Rolled

After spending time planning their outline, Big Brother called the housemates outside for further Extravaganza instructions. They gathered in the teams they had formed earlier. Outside was a stage with two boxes placed upon it.


These boxes contain everything the housemates will need to put together their Extravaganza, including a CD with Bollywood tracks which must be used during the dance segment of the show. Each box centred around a theme.

The two teams had to select a member to roll a die, and the team with the highest number was allowed to pick the gold or silver box on stage. Alusa rolled for Team A, hitting a six; while Tayo rolled a three, leaving Team A with the higher score. Big Brother told them that once they had picked a box, they were not allowed to exchange them, or any of the items inside.


Team A chose the silver box, which contained a modern urban theme; while Team B received the more traditional theme centred around fantasy. We’re sure to see two very different shows on Saturday night, and we can’t wait to see who wins second time round!


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