Big Brother hotshots : On The Edge

Big Brother hotshots : On The Edge
Big Brother hotshots : On The Edge

There were tears earlier when Sipe took offense to an off-hand remark by Idris about her being a gold-digger. Fleeing to the bedroom, she was comforted by Goitse, and later JJ as well. They encouraged her to be strong and keep on playing the game the way she always had, telling her she was neither a quitter nor the type of person to go home.

Idris did not seem aware that he had hurt Sipe’s feelings and joined Samantha and Tayo outside in a conversation that ranged from Montecasino in South Africa to Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Sitting with them was Lilian, who looked bored and did not contribute much to the conversation.

After they received the brief for the second week’s Extravaganza, as well as further instructions, the teams split up and hashed out their ideas. Between talk of amnesia, the mafia, family rivalry, gods and pregnant girls, teams had the dramatic element nailed. We can’t wait till they start putting their dances together!

The teams are different than last week and the dynamics seemed better than before – at first. It did not take long before arguments and confusion broke out again. Sheillah (in Team B) got very upset, complaining that other team members would not let her get a word in edgewise. In Team A, JJ was having no problem making himself heard, taking the lead as always.

Disagreements were minor, and the creative flow between all the housemates was good overall. Will this period of bliss last till Saturday night, or will a misunderstanding knock a housemate over the edge?


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