Shimbilo Primary School teachers embark on project to build classroom block

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Teachers at Shimbilo Primary School in Chibombo District have initiated and embarked on a project to construct a one by two classroom block and an office at their school.


In an interview with ZANIS, School Head Teacher Morgan Muchindika said the teachers have since contributed funds, which have enabled them to mould over 12,000 bricks to kick start the project.


Mr Muchindika said teachers have decided to start the project as one way of contributing towards education infrastructure development in the community where they reside.


He said upon completion, the project is expected to address challenges of inadequate classrooms at the school.


Mr Muchindika said, currently, the school does not have a classroom for early childhood education, saying, one of the rooms will be used for infant learning and adult evening literacy lessons once completed.


He further said the other room will be reserved for child health programmes such as the Universal Child Immunization and Mobile Child health activities.


He said teachers want to see a situation where child health activities are conducted from permanent structures which are equipped with basic health kits at the school.


“We want people from the clinic or hospital to be doing these health programmes in permanent structures and not under a tree,” he said.


Mr Muchindika said teachers intend to put up the basic upfront of the building through their own contributions before asking community members to contribute towards the completion of the project.


He said the teachers’ initiative has since been approved by the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).