Govt. urged to create good environment for private sector growth

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An economist has called on government to create an enabling environment for the growth of the private sector if it is to attain feasible and sustainable job creation.


Private Sector Development Association Chairperson Yusuf Dodia said currently, government cannot create enough jobs as it was only relying on various infrastructure development projects such as the construction of roads, schools, hospitals for job creation.


Mr Dodia however observed with concern that the jobs being created through development projects were not of a permanent nature as they end with the completion of projects.


He said government should create a more supportive environment in which the private sector can grow in order to support government in the creation of sustainable jobs.


Speaking during a Sun Fm Radio programme dabbed Public Forum, Mr Dodia noted that the Zambian private Sector has not done enough in terms of job creation adding that real job creation should be enhanced thorough private sector development.


He also said Zambia can be developed by growing small Zambian companies into large entities by injecting huge investment capital to enable them compete in the commerce and trade industry  and culminate into the creation sustainable jobs.