Big Brother Africa – Esther Breaks Down In Tears

Esther Breaks Down In Tears
Esther Breaks Down In Tears

The week became emotional again, as Esther broke down and started crying. Her fellow housemates had been talking about romance and relationships, and it brought back memories of a painful past for Esther.

As the tears flowed, the Ugandan made a passionate proclamation about the way women were treated in general and within relationships in particular. She opened up to Samantha, Lilian, Macky2, Tayo and M’am Bea, sharing her background with men and how it had affected her.

Samantha’s leadership qualities shone through as she comforted Africa’s favourite tiny housemate, affectionately dubbed Small Pepper. She may be a tiny slip of a girl, but she has a big heart that she wears on her sleeve, and the other housemates’ softer sides were also revealed as they tried to make her feel better. Even Tayo calmed down in an attempt to bring back Esther’s sunny smile and characteristic zeal. Africa was a little harder on the housemate, with some even wondering what was really behind the tears while others say she needs psychological help.

However, others on social media were more sympathetic for Esther, pouring out kind words like: “Feeling 4 u Esther, u being real and emotional but got haters here. pls cry not,” a fan posted.

After last week’s tears it looked set to be another roller-coaster ride of emotions. With the added pressure of nominations coming up, and Esther not being immune, it was little wonder that she cracked. Or was it all a big façade? Is Esther throwing herself headlong into the game, devising clever strategy along the way, or are the tears for real?

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