Big Brother Africa – Contemplating Who Will Win

Big Brother Africa - Contemplating Who Will Win
Big Brother Africa - Contemplating Who Will Win

With the extravaganza at an end, a sigh of relief rippled through the house. But before long the housemates started contemplating who would win, and an analysis of both shows ensued between Esther and Sabina. Until they know what Africa decides, it’s going to be a period of anxiety and angst.

For Laveda, it was important to put differences aside and congratulate her rival team on a job well done. Gathering together again were Sheillah, Lilian and Tayo delving into yet another deep conversation. The discussion turned to what they would do with the money if they won, as opposed to the ramifications of winning the extravaganza.

Exhausted, the housemates were taking it easy. But were past differences water under the bridge or would they feel differently in the morning when they remembered what was at stake and came face to face with the their first eviction night? They were already wondering about the time of the eviction show, a sure sign of exactly what was on their minds.

Meaningful musings continued in the bedroom between Laveda, Sabina and Arthur discussing the continent, even bringing up Big Brother Hotshots and, of course, the eviction. Laveda was thinking about what she would tell Africa about being head of house, and they also came to the decision to stay in touch once they all went home and the show was over. Only one week into the show and they were already feeling sentimental? Clearly the looming eviction was putting them on edge.

Meanwhile, the battle between the Green Pepper fans and the Waka Waka followers heated up on social media; and the fierce support from both sides leaves Africa wondering which team would win the extravaganza.


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