Big Brother : Happy Birthday Macky2!

Happy Birthday Macky2!
Happy Birthday Macky2!
It was Macky2’s birthday Oct 10th  and in classic Big Brother style there was a neat treat just for him in the store room. After a day of gruelling rehearsals and the jitters of possible eviction on Sunday, the surprise came right on time.

In his Dairy session he revealed to Biggie that being in the ‘village team’ may have knocked the confidence of some housemates while others performed extraordinary feats to attract the attention of Africa.

The rapper from Zambia prided himself for staying true to himself and wasn’t the type that was easily intimidated.

When he walked out of the store room with a giant box of cake swaggered out with a sugary pair of street sneakers, housemates scurried around him to wish him a happy birthday and dig in.

So happy was queen-of-the-twerksters Lilian for Macky2, she generously treated him to a saucy lap dance for which he was, we sure, eternally grateful.

Macky2’s was the first birthday of the season and while we all knew that the housemates were on our screens on borrowed time, we wished the birthday boy many more.

With the party just moments away, Macky2 would have more than enough reason to celebrate and maybe even get up to a little mischief.